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(n) plā·älə·jē:  depth of knowledge in the fields of fun and play

Why Playology?

Playology recognizes that your brand is your passion and we are passionate about it too.


For many companies the natural evolution to take their products to the next level and to reach a new audience is by extending your brand beyond it's core and extending it's storytelling and amplifying it with licensing opportunities and brand management possibilities.

" need to keep that connection going - that architecture. You want the licensing group talking to the motion picture group talking to the on-location group to create an experience...The outside world and the client are asking for it too."

- Ari Emanuel


Licensing + Merchandising

Think of brand licensing as a high-five between your product and a trademarked superstar – it's like unlocking a whole new universe of possibilities for your business

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Brand + Franchise Management

Your brand is the voice of your company and we're here to help you to grow or strengthen your brand within the digital and retail spaces


Sourcing + Development

Whether you're looking for a new source of manufacturing for your company or you are just getting started, Playology can help

Color Prism Transparent

Business Development

Boosting brand growth through strategic partnerships and market exploration, our goal is to expand your brand's reach and revenue streams

Licensing + Merchandising

Our Playology clients benefit from licensing by boosting awareness of their products, connecting with a new audience and customer base, reducing in-house costs and creating a strong connection to a well-known brand and their marketing benefits. We handle in-bound and out-bound licensing for the Canadian market which opens up an entire world of possibility for your company

•Merchandising + Licensing

•CP Rollout Strategy

•Licensing + Partnership Management

•Retail Development and Activations

•Product development, approvals and roll out


Brand + Franchise Management

Playology recognizes the challenges our clients face when it comes to effectively manage their brand in the ever changing consumer and digital space. We work with you in partnership to strengthen your footholds in the consumer market and the digital realm.

•Brand and Franchise Management

•IP development and storytelling

•Brand Building & Marketing

•Digital & Social Media

•Communications Strategy
•Content curation

Brand Franchise
Pop it Fidget Toys

Sourcing + Development

With a background spanning more than two decades working in mainland China, Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America, the Playology team brings a treasure trove of experience. Our special expertise in sourcing and manufacturing adds that extra magic to turn our clients' dreams into vibrant realities.


•Manufacturing, Product Development + Sourcing

•Content Consultation and Development

•Business Development and Thought Leadership

•Trend Spotting


Business Development

Playology's expertise ensures consistent brand representation across its clients diverse products, fostering recognition and growth.


•Phygital consultation, ideation and strategy

•Product development and roll out

•Activations, Partnerships and Business development •Commercialization

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